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Hello, Again.

Hello, again! I say again because I just repurchased this domain after letting it go a few years back. I always regretted the decision to not renew and figured another Mike Podesta would hurry up and snatch it up. As fate would have it the domain was still available today.

Why did I give up the domain in the first place?

I think it came down to I didn’t know what I wanted the site to be. Was it a personal branding site that I could do as a side hustle? Or was it blog posts about what I think people wanted to read so I could recoup some Adsense advertising? Neither were very compelling and I grew bored quickly. It wasn’t really authentic, it was forced and that made writing seem like a job and not really fun. It was an easy decision to stop updating the site and since I wasn’t updating it, it felt like a waste to pay for the yearly fees for the domain and hosting. When it came time to renew I decided it was best to just let it go. Soon after, I thought I should at least just keep the domain in case I ever wanted it again but didn’t until now. Which brings up the next question.

Why now? Where is my renewed interest in putting content toward this site coming from?

To be honest I’ve always enjoyed writing and always wanted a place to write. I’ve always had things I wanted to write about but I let to many thoughts get in my way of writing what I wanted to write about. There are so many unwritten rules in my mind that I just had to let go. You can’t write about sports and then write about a social issue. You can’t write about things that truly interest you then write about your family. You have to have one clear, concise focus. Sure in some respects that can be true but boy was I overthinking it. It’s something I tend to do. I over-analyze certain things and get paralyzed in the…what-ifs?

What will the site be about?

It’s going to be a little bit of everything from family, current events, sports, technology and things that are on my mind.

I don’t want to really be confined with this is what it’s going to be or this is what it has to be. My thoughts and interests evolve. What I liked and thought were important five years ago may not necessarily hold true today. I want the freedom to research and write about what interests me. Hopefully, you – the reader- will like what you read, find it interesting and will make it a habit to come back.

I’m just happy that I was able to recapture the domain.